1. Why choose Speedy King Movers & service ?

Speedy king Movers  is not your average moving company. Our company specializes on moving both  locally  and  long distance. Our company also offers trash removal services,  furniture/ appliance delivery and Storage .We have a diverse team of specialists dedicated to assisting our customers with all their household or office related services. Through a consistent friendly environment and hard work of the labourers employed by Speedy King Movers, the company has successfully been able to help numerous satisfied customers and continue running itself for more than 7 years. Our company is dedicated to making your move go as smoothly and safely as possible. We are passionate about customer satisfaction and take pride in  our work. We are here to help you.

2. Are you licensed and insured?

We are fully licensed and insured. We can get into any services that require a CIO and/or proof of insurance. As a company, we are sensitive to the owners’ furniture and property. To fulfill this, we hire well diverse, polite, careful movers and provide them with the expertise in order to value the customers needs. In any case of items being lost or damaged, upon review, they should be replaced, repaired, and/or the customer will be compensated based on their choice of coverage.

3. What packing options do you offer?

We offer 3 packing options. The first option includes a multiple day project where we will send a crew the day before to pack and prep all that we are taking (with the few exceptions of the customer request if they are sleeping over). The second option includes bringing packing material the same day and spending a few hours packing before loading the trucks. The third option includes sending boxes and packing material in advance. We will also bring other packaging materials on moving day for any last-minute packing.

4. How much does it cost?

Your move will consist of three fees:

  1. Truck and travel fee: an industry standard. We will charge you from when we depart our office to the original place of the move and from destination back to our office.


  • The hourly rate: This fee covers the amount of professional labor needed. Our professionals are dedicated, efficient, and motivated to provide you with quality service. 


  • Material: an industry standard. We will charge you for any material we use on the  move (except for moving blankets we use to protect your furniture, dollies, etc.)