An FAQ list to help you understand how it works.

It would explain all the questions from what to do how much would it cost and even if you need to tip the movers

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1. Parking situation?

If you are located in Cambridge, Somerville, Boston or anywhere in the city that is hard to find a parking spot, we highly recommend  that you request  a parking permit from city hall so  that you can be guaranteed a parking spot for the truck on moving day.

2. How are fragile packed?

  • All fragile items are packed safely for their size, shape, and weight. Anything from mirrors, TV’s, glasses, dishes etc. are protected with either one or a combination of the materials including foam, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and our specialized moving blankets. Any items if need be are then safely boxed and stored. All items are then labeled as fragile and safely put away on to the moving trucks. Our movers make sure to handle all fragile items with the utmost care.

3. Should I take everything out of the Drawer from my dresser?

Yes , all items should be removed from drawers  so they can be easier to carry and maneuver around tight spaces.

4. Are there items you are not allowed to pack or take on the truck ?

Any items considered  flammable are not allowed  on the moving trucks. This may include items such as spray cans, fuel, firearms, machinery that may run on fuel, paint, etc.

5. When does the clock start on the bill?

The clock will start from when movers leave our warehouse and goes until movers have completed their job and factor the estimated time to return our warehouses. Our movers are paid for their full time of services which includes making sure items and materials are ready to go to complete your move and offloading any additional materials from the move that may need to be discarded afterward.

6. For projects that take more than a day, what does the payment process look like?

For any move that may require more than one day, a  payment will be collected but will only reflect the services that were provided for that specific time frame. The crew chief will total up the time and materials used and explain the charges for each day. All major credit cards, checks, or cash are accepted.

7. How long does it take to deliver items going out of state?

Item delivery out of state  has to be followed by law guidelines which caps our movers to driving only 12 hours per day. This can also be dependent on how far your moving goes and the packing and loading process itself. 

8. What payment method do you accept?

We accept all  the major forms of payment from: credit /debit, check, cash, also Venmo and cash app.

9. What payment method do you accept?

You will see that our crews work extremely hard and while tipping is always appreciated, customary tipping policies vary. Clients often choose to tip their crew based on overall satisfaction. We have customers tip our movers anywhere from $20 each to $300 each or opt to buy the crew lunch and keep the fridge stocked with water and Gatorade. It all depends on the customer’s generosity  and how much they appreciate their movers and their labor. 

10. How can I get in touch with you?

To get in contact with us our information is located at the bottom of any screen of our website. You are also welcome to fill out our contact log located on the main page of our website.

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