Commercial Moving

What can you expect out of our office relocation:

Speedy King Movers understands that every office move is different, which is why we take pride in making them as smooth as possible. We will send our experts to take a look at your space where they will be able to provide you with the best quote for your move. You will be provided with a truck(s), crew members, and supplies required for the day of your move. Office relocation services include disassembling cubicles, desk, computer setups, etc. Office offloading at your destination includes reassembling of all items taken apart and assistance with relocation of those items in their new space.

Why choose us for your office relocation

We have the needed tools and equipment to make your office move as easy as possible. We are prideful in making sure that you are being provided with the best services possible. We operate during the weekends so you will not have to decrease office hours. We have experience ranging from moving small offices to large corporations. In addition to our moving services, we provide trash disposal in case you need you need to remove other office supplies and furniture (from your soon-to-be former office space!)